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The Happy Rabbit 2 Natural USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator can be defined in just one word. In the intro I don’t want to give much away, but in my life I’ve literally never completed so fast. When I used this item, I felt like a goddamn rookie, I barely had time to find a nice porn to watch, let alone to play around with the environments before I felt the need to cry out in ecstasy.

Happy Rabbit 2
Happy Rabbit 2

But enough about my early orgasms… Read on this gem for the scoop below.

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** I got this toy from Lovehoney free of charge in return for an honest evaluation. **

First of all, Lovehoney always sends goods in simple packaged packaging, so you’re secure for those nervous about what’s inside the box. It is also essential to note that if you have problems with the item you are receiving and are unsatisfied for any reason, they have an incredible return policy of 365, just click here for more data.

The Happy Rabbit 2 comes in the single color shown on the right, including a black storage pouch (pictured at the end of this review), a USB recharging cord (no wall plug) and guidelines on how to use the toy. The toy is not charged, so be sure to plug it in when you receive it, so when the time comes to use it, it is prepared. When a red light with turn on is correctly attached, this will switch to green when a complete charge is reached.

It is produced of body-safe silicone, one of the finest products for making a sex item, as you may understand. It is non-porous so that it can be cleaned readily and shared with other partners. Also because this toy is submersible, if you decide to wash it in the sink with a mild soap or use it in a weather setting, you can feel confident that it won’t get ruined. Be sure to read the label on any lube you use to make sure it is water based, also because it is made of silicone. In the toy and long story short, silicone lubricants break down the silicone, your toy won’t last or be as safe as it once was.

It has a complete length of 10 inches, 5.5 of which are insertable, and a circumference of 4.75 inches. The insertable shaft is slightly curved and flexible to assist reach your g-spot(**important to note there is a g-spot specific version that can be found┬áhere**) and the bunny-shaped clitoral vibrator features thicker, firmer ears and a strong “head.” There are two, very strong, super quiet engines inside the Happy Rabbit 2, regulated by two push buttons at the product base. Each engine is switched on once by pressing the respective button, and you merely press each button again to cycle through the extra configurations. Hold down the respective button for about 3-5 seconds to switch off either engine.

The first engine in the product’s “bunny” part has a 3-speed vibrator that begins at the smallest environment when switched on. The second engine in the shaft has 3 bunny motor-like vibration speeds and contains 9 patterns to choose from. To be honest, when switched on, each individual engine is strong enough to transfer vibration over the entire toy, so you just need to experience both together. The mixed strength will fulfill any power princess, but for a first timer it can also serve as a excellent luxury toy.

For those curious about the variable pulses and patterns;

variable vibration rates are the first three settings on the shaft, beginning from the lowest to the highest. The fourth is a low-starting wave pattern that increases to the most intense vibration rapidly. The fifth setting begins as the pattern of the wave, then has two pulses and returns to the wave. The sixth is a constant pulse pattern, and then comes the seventh and my favourite, three fast pulses and a break. The eighth pattern is a sequence of pulses in an off-tempo rhythm and the ninth (my second favourite setting) is two longer pulses at the end with three fast pulses.

Added bonus! When you switch off the shaft’s engine, it remembers the last setting it was on, so when you discover a favorite, you’ll never lose it;) As I’ve earlier touched on, this item was supplied more than when it came to enjoyment. When I say it made me feel like a rookie, I’m not too exaggerating. As I usually do for all my toys, I had the item inserted while I scrolled through different materials waiting for something to strike my fancy. I could feel I couldn’t hold out for as long as I usually could after about a minute or so. I frenziedly clicked on the first thing I could find, just to push my computer out and shoot my face in a pillow so that I didn’t wake up the entire family. Honestly, I can say that I never had such an experience with a single toy, with little or no actual job on my part. It was like Christmas for my vagina, and naturally I went back and forth again until I couldn’t lastly manage cumming anymore, and I had gathered enough understanding to rate this item correctly.

Okay, you caught me… I was a little selfish, but I’ll be happy to wear the tag for this toy, it’s just so nice.

So naturally, just because it blew my mind, I have to give it a 6 out of 5! Even if you removed the fact that it is rechargeable, I would still have to rate this incredibly high, which was just an added bonus. Between its ultra-silent motors, a variety of patterns and settings, and the power it packs, this toy is worth a try, and I don’t believe I’ll ever let it go of my sight.

Main Pros: Remember settings, power, ultra-silent, dual engines.