The male vibrator LoveHoney O force is a 5-speed silicone toy and a tapered internal channel that becomes narrower the further you go back. This toy is 100% waterproof and secure for the body, and is nearly a cross between a stroker and a standard vibrator. The review below was written by myself, highlighting the points my partner gave me.

Love Honey "O" Force
Love Honey “O” Force


The O force masculine vibrator was a first as far as vibrating masculine toys went, and I was originally uncertain if I enjoyed it. It seemed that the opening was broad and the depth too shallow. In the past, I used only strokers, so the fact that there was no tighter internal chamber threw me off guard as well. One day during the foreplay we decided to try it out and I was very happy with the toy we had obtained after a few technical problems. The toy is 100% silicone, waterproof and has 5 vibrating velocities. The “on” button regulates the setting of the vibration and you just press to cycle through it all once. Because it is made of silicone, the sides can be squeezed during use to add “tighter” surroundings, and the wall at the back of the toy remains flexible to compensate for “larger users.”

The only negative that I could really discover is that I feel that this toy is more for foreplay than complete orgasm. I’d say it got me ready for sex, at least for me, but I didn’t end with it. However, I’ll say the following orgasm was much more delicate and strong than not using the item.

If I had to alter anything, I would create it so that you could either insert yourself into the toy, or have a more forgiving depth so that you would not only massage the shaft’s head and top.

This was still a excellent toy overall, and in the future I will use it again. LoveHoney has a super stellar customer service team on a side note regarding our technical problems that replied very promptly to our problems. They helped shoot the device in trouble and even offered to send a substitute if necessary, without asking any questions. Even if you have not sold on this item, I believe you should give them a try depending exclusively on how their clients are treated.