Adori Stone Massager by Desirables Review

Desirables’ Adori stone massager is today’s topic of choice, is it worth it? It has an innovative design, and when checking their site, it is often sold out, so those are probably good indications to the final result. But, let’s go over it to see why.

Adori Stone Massager by Desirables
Adori Stone Massager by Desirables


The Adori stone massager is great for anyone to hold as it’s a small product that fits perfectly in the hand. It is also very smooth due to being made from porcelain to offer the best at home massage possible.

Because of the innovative shapes, they allow the users to easily apply pressure on the stones where they need it focused at most. This takes pressure off the joints and hands which can cause cramping. Without cramping, it’s easier to massage longer without getting worn out.

Various Stones for Different Purposes

There are four stones with different sizes and shapes. Each one of them are made to focus on a different target and pressure area. This means you can customize your massage on yourself or someone else as needed. Be it a sore arm, leg or your back is hurting after a long day of bending over at work.