The O Wand Review

The O-WAND will have you engaged from the start, as you open the box it will shine at you with that wonderful black and golden trim design. It’s very sleek and looks like something royalty would have. With that said, let’s dive in.

 The O Wand
The O Wand


It’s made from high quality silicone so that you get what you paid for. A body safe toy that spreads out vibrations well.


Unlike other toys, this one has been designed to have a handle for easy control. You can also use the handle for partner play if you desire, and bring the fun to a whole new level. I personally LOVE when my partner is controlling it and uses the handle to have a good grip. I’ve had other toys where he would slip and drop the toy just as I was about there and it’s like a reset button.

It’s got 11 different vibration patterns, and measures 7.5 inches. The head is flexible and can handle lots of pressure without it breaking, meaning hardcore or soft it’s going to be there for you. It also has a bumpy silicone attachment to intensify the vibrations, but it will increase the sound too.