Tantus Compact is one of the smaller dildos in my collection. The intended use of the Compact was for warming-up, especially so if it is anal insertion you are getting ready for. It is however good to use as a P-spot stimulator and also for stimulating the G-spot. The Compact would be great for anyone new to using sex toys. Anal insertion is something I wondered about when I first received my Compact due to its size and the way that it is shaped. I was amazed at what my Compact could do for anally and for my clitoris. I would recommend it to anyone just starting out with sex toys, and also for those who are contemplating anal insertion. Although a lot thinner than I had expected and that I normally prefer more girth, I found my Tantus Compact was good at making me have quick g-spot orgasms.

Tantus Compact Review
Tantus Compact Review

Materials & size

This toy is made of 100% platinum silicone making it dishwasher safe. It can also be boiled, bleached, sterilized, or cleaned using anti-bacteria soap.  The main shaft has a three inch girth, with a maximum girth going around the bulbous tip being 3.5 inches. Its thickness can be compared to a couple of fingers; however, it is double the length.

My experience

The Tantus Compact is a harness compatible sex toy and my new best friend! It does not work very well as a butt plug, however, I was amazed at the wonderful feeling I received from it through anal insertion, as my boyfriend was thrusting it into my vagina (and later my ass) I had no problem with having orgasms, for he had  my body shaking and trembling continuously. My boyfriend asked me too use it on him and when I got it strapped on, I inserted it into him and made him  have orgasms also.