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I recently became affiliated with my favourite toy makers Tantus and they sent me my first review package which consisted of the Warm Up, The VampG-Force and the Cush 02 which I’ll be writing about today. Before I delve in to the most important details and my experiences, I’ll mention briefly that the packaging was discreet other than the legally required packing slip and delivery was much quicker than I had anticipated.

The packaging for the Cush itself is typical Tantus style, just a cardboard box with a see-through window to show off the beautiful toy and some product information on the back. Simple, but effective.

The Cush is part of Tantus’s dual density range, being made with a firm core and soft outer layer, entirely from their own unique formula of ultra-premium silicone. Tantus products are completely body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate free and hypoallergenic. They are even boilable and dishwasher safe for those deeper cleans. I usually will just spray my toys with antibacterial toy cleaner and rinse, but I occasionally run them through the dishwasher if and when I get the house to myself. I’ve never had any problems putting my Tantus toys through a wash and find they come out looking, smelling and feeling better than ever.

I recently reviewed the Flurry, which is the smaller sibling of the Cush and I’d definitely recommend beginners opt for that one first, as the Cush is not a small toy by any means. The Cush is 7.5 inches in length, with 7 inches of the shaft being insertable. The head of the Cush resembles a glans and is slightly pointed, but in no way uncomfortable. The widest part is around 5.75 inches and the rest of the shaft is slightly less at 5 inches. 2.5 inches below the head is a curved ridge, which means that this toy offers up 5 inches of glorious textured stimulation to experiment with. I thought the Cush would have no flexibility to it due to the firmness, but surprisingly I can make the tip touch the base if I want to.

I would describe the feeling of the silicone used on the Cush as matte, rather than the silky smooth texture of the Warm Up and Compact. It feels slightly softer than the Curve, but still has a fair amount of resistance to it that requires a generous serving of water-based lubricant for comfortable use. I don’t think the Cush would be as aesthetically pleasing had it been made with silky silicone because the combination of the matte material, available colour schemes and texture make this toy the beauty that it is.


When I use this toy vaginally it’s an absolute treat. I find it easy to insert due to the tapered head and squishy tip. Every single time I fully insert the head of this toy, I feel a very satisfying pop as well as a slight stretching sensation, which is very enjoyable. The ridge around the head is very comfortable and it avoids catching my pubic bone, which I wasn’t necessarily expecting. I immediately feel a sense of fullness with the Cush that I don’t get from many other toys and I have started to crave this sensation on a regular basis.

One thing I don’t understand about the Cush is how it manages to stimulate my G-spot. I usually need a curved or angled toy to provide this type of stimulation, but somehow the straight up and down stature of the Cush has won my G-spot over. I think that the thickness and bulbous head must have something to do with it as it manages to press against all the sensitive areas at once. I have to do some subtle manoeuvring and shallow thrusting to make this happen, but once I can hit the right location, the Cush delivers some great g-spot orgasms. I have found this to be a reliable method of using this toy and it’s predominately my favourite way too. I still prefer the Curve for fast thrusting and squirting, but the Cush has definitely earned its time and place in my g-spot’s toy rotation.

I mentioned in my review of the Godemiche Adam that I’d try using it anally if it was dual density, because as it stands, the firmness and the width make it almost impossible. The Cush is dual density with similar girth measurements and firmness to the Adam so I decided to give it a go and see whether I’d be able to manage it. It was definitely a challenge, but one that I was up for with the help of my partner. Slathering it in the thickest anal lubricant I could find, I handed it over to him to begin to insert after some warm-up with the Flurry and told him to be gentle. I managed to take the head with a satisfying pop, but I am yet to tackle the texture of the shaft. This is the largest toy I’ve ever attempted to take anally and although I haven’t been able to get there fully yet, I’m working on it and looking forward to (hopefully) reaching the second ridge soon.

Overall, I can’t find any deal breakers with the Cush. The only real downside to a toy like this is lint, but I can easily look past that and invest in a satin storage bag for protection between uses. Every encounter I’ve had with it has turned out great, despite being initially challenging. I was surprised by the sort of stimulation it offers, as I was expecting more of a few twists and turns to do the job, but it seems that all I needed was a shallow thrust and that gorgeous texture. I would highly recommend the Tantus Cush to those who love a girthy, textured dildo.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I received the Candy Cush 02 from Tantus ($84.06/£64.10) in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! Affiliate links have been used within this post.