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I recently received a review package consisting of the Flurry and the Compact, both beautiful toys from my favourite toy makers, Tantus. I had wanted the Flurry for a while and was eager to try it out to see if I could handle the size before working my way up to the slightly bigger Cush.

Before I delve in to the most important details and my experiences, I’ll mention briefly that the packaging was discreet other than the legally required packing slip and delivery was much quicker than I had anticipated. The packaging for the Flurry itself was typical Tantus style, just a cardboard box with a see-through window to show off the beautiful toy and some product information on the back. Simple, but effective.


The Flurry 02 is a dual density dildo with a firm core and a soft outer layer, made from Tantus’s unique formula of ultra-premium silicone, which is completely body-safe and hypoallergenic. It’s phthalate free and non-toxic, as-well as being boilable and dishwasher safe, which offers a much deeper clean. I generally spritz my Tantus toys with my favourite antibacterial cleaning spray and rinse, but I will occasionally run them through the dishwasher if I have the house to myself.

Ever wondered what the differences are between the Flurry and it’s sibling the Cush? Well, as the proud owner of both, I’ll be happy to tell you. The Flurry is the smaller of the two, being 7 inches in overall length, with roughly 6.5 being insertable, and a reasonable girth of 5 inches. As I mentioned earlier, the Flurry has a firm inner core, which means it’s not the most flexible dildo available, but I can bend it slightly to make insertion easier and more comfortable if necessary. I find the Flurry has more flex than the Cush, but not by much. It’s the less intimidating toy of the two and I’d definitely recommend starting with the Flurry, if girth is not something you’re used to.

I decided to warm up with the Curve before using the Flurry for the first time as I hadn’t used an insertable of this width in a while, so once I was aroused enough to begin, I coated the Flurry in a layer of my favourite Sliquid and begun to insert it. The tapered tip was fairly easy to get in after that and I decided I was happy to continue and tackle the texture. The Flurry’s texture is in the form of two ridges that are placed immediately below the head. I found the first ridge protrudes slightly more than the second, which seems to be why it catches on my pubic bone, almost every time I try to insert it. It isn’t painful, but it is slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds. The second ridge hasn’t caused me any problems or discomfort thus far, despite it feeling much firmer than the first.

So what does the Flurry have to offer? First and foremost, variety. I say this often when I’m writing a review for a dildo, but the great thing is, many dildos can be used in a multitude of ways, although not every method will work for every toy, or everyone. This particular dildo can be used by anyone of any gender for vaginal penetration, anal penetration/pegging and even practising blowjob techniques. The dual density body offers up many possibilities and I’m sure there are other ways to use this toy that I haven’t even considered.

The Flurry doesn’t do much for my G-Spot, as it’s a straight dildo and I prefer an angled or curved toy to do that job. It does however brush up against it if I get the angle right and my G-Spot responds positively to the texture and firmness of the Flurry. It’s not orgasm inducing, but it feels pleasurable enough that I will purposely do this on occasion, even if it’s just for the sake of change.

What it does do something for, is my A-Spot. I don’t think I’ve talked about A-Spot stimulation much on my blog yet, as it’s not something I have heaps of experience with, in fact I only recently found it! I’ve found that many dildos just seem to miss my A-Spot and end up smashing into my cervix instead, which is not the most pleasurable of feelings. The Flurry has yet to disappoint my A-Spot as it always seems to stop in the right location. If I’m thrusting or twisting the Flurry, I can feel the satisfaction building up inside me, quite intensely, to the point where I can be seconds away from climaxing, retract the toy and then thrust with it shallowly, until I’m laying there gasping and basking in the orgasm. This is even more satisfying when used with one of my favourite clitoral vibrators.

Overall, the Flurry by Tantus is an absolutely fantastic dildo. It has so many great qualities and very little negatives. The first ridge catching on my pubic bone and the amount of lint it attracts are the only things I have to complain about, but they are both things that I can look past. I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners to penetration, as whilst 5″ of girth might not sound like much, the firmness of the core makes this toy feel bigger than it is. I would recommend it to anyone with a lust for texture, love for length or craving for average girth. If you’re someone who likes all of the above, the Flurry might just be your dream dildo.

I received the Tantus Flurry from a company called Star Sex Toys in exchange for my review. Unfortunately, they no longer appear to be in business. You can still buy the Flurry ($76.42/£61.20) directly from Tantus. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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