Sold by FunWares Sex Toys, the Tantus G-Force is a dildo intended to be a stimulator for the g-spot. Made with body safe silicone it has curve that goes angles as it gets closer to the tip of it for a better stimulation. Its handle has been made of matte silicone which makes it much easier to grasp. It is near a foot in length and its diameter a little more than an inch at its widest area. When I received my newest toy it was package in the typical packaging that Tantus uses and inside the packaging the toy itself was in a clear plastic letting me see what I have got before I can get it out of it wrapping, showing that the Tantus product is body safe.

Tantus G-Force
Tantus G-Force

To be honest, I expected my new toy to resemble a Bent Graduate due to the way that its shape was designed, however, because of its exceptional length of nearly a foot and the fact that it has been made using silicone, unlike those hard and rigid materials of the Bent Graduate, such as glass.  I do not need a lot of pressure on mine g-spot as some people do, so I find the G-Force works great for me.

In Summary

Due to its extremely large size makes it the perfect toy for couples and partner use. The handle is a really great benefit to those who are not very flexible and also those who are overweight. Also, because it is so long it makes it much easier to be controlled and using on one’s self. The end to insert is smooth with a slight curve close to the tip or head and the end has a bulb on the end of it.

It is dishwasher safe, and very easy to keep clean!