The toy arrived with a nondescript return tag in a simple brown box. It was 100% discreet and it was in a resealable bag picture to the right when I opened the package. These were both major points in my book because I didn’t even realize it was from a sex toy business looking at the package, and then it’s very easy to add it to a resealable bag for storage. Sometimes toys packaging is not practical to safeguard it for a long time, so it was good to add.

Tantus Goddess
Tantus Goddess

Initial Impressions

The item itself is produced very well. It is produced of body-safe, non-porous silicone and one of the finest components in a toy that you can use. It can be washed, boiled, bleached or cleaned in a dishwasher using a toy cleaning solution. (Warm water and mild soap is okay) It’s flexible but difficult enough to keep stiff and shaped. The ridged back is a good addition, adding to the shaft more of a “true life” look. I LOVE the separation of the suction cup. You can use it with an “O” ring harness, the suction cup, or by yourself. (I think you could add vibration if you discover a small enough vibrator). At first I believed the size would be too tiny, but it’s actually a nice size after making a size comparison with my hand.  It has a width of 1.5 inches and 6 1/4 inches. (At least insertable 6 inches.)

Suction Cup;

this suction cup is really remarkable. I stuck it on the wall, the tile of the bathroom, the bath, the plastic surface, wherever I could think of it and it didn’t move. I let it hang up pretty high on my wall for a couple of minutes to see if it ever lost suction and wasn’t moving from my little controlled experiment. Even with the dildo’s own weight, it kept it up. It also kept well during use. I don’t see it coming undone even with some powerful kegels until you remove it by breaking the seal.

It’s stuck on my wall. Never had an inch moved.

How am I going to use it?

So I’m going to break this down so you can get an idea of how it held up in various circumstances.

  • Couples Play: Okay so I’m not the greatest 69 fan and I’m always looking for a manner to enjoy each other in a fresh manner. I knew precisely what I was going to do when I got this toy. Because this toy is hands-free, you can stick it to the ground or a hard surface on the ground and go down as demonstrated on your partner. You’re having fun, they’re having fun, they’re winning. Moreover, even if you appreciate 69, it’s still a good fresh way of spicing up stuff. If your partner is anything like mine, he also liked watching me use it solo, which is a good way for both sides to create anticipation.
  • Vaginally: First of all, it may be a little awkward at first for those who have never used a suction cup dildo in particular. In the time you have to really get yourself and relax to appreciate it. You also need to work to perfect where the ideal height is when putting it on a doggy style wall. Personally, I like to begin touching myself and stimulating my nipples or watching a little porn beforehand to get into the mood. I also just want to throw out there, normally on a dildo alone I can’t get off. Don’t ask me why, but I need that little bit additional to push me over the edge even when I get to my g-spot…. not this time! The ribbed shaft provides convenience and enjoyment no matter how you position the item. It is flexible so that it can curve up during difficult pushing when attempting to achieve the G-spot without making it awkward. The rounded head is also good because it has a more lifelike feeling if you like the feeling of pulling out and reinserting. I was able to climax after a couple of minutes of providing this man a tough workout and not once did the toy come undone or feel awkward.
  • Anally: So I decided anally to try this toy because it’s got the flared base and it’s not too big. Simply because I believe it’s better to be comfortable with your back end before shooting something that large up there. As far as someone who’s comfortable with anal play is concerned, this toy has been fantastic. It beautifully inserted and was very stimulating again. Together with my Tantus Tease Bullet vibrator (Review still to arrive) this time I used it and again, not one complaint. I also like the reality that this toy is not porous because you want to create sure that you can sterilize the toy 100 percent before sharing it, or use it vaginally again.

** Before sharing, or before changing between anal and vaginal use, always remember to wash your toys**

In Summary

Overall I loved this toy, it surpassed my expectations as far as the suction cup went and was a quality product as far as the material and design were concerned. I’d suggest this toy for those who love to use non-vibrating dildos and those who want to attempt hands-free, or who want to use two toys more easily. I would also recommend this toy, or any used by Tantus Inc. for those with allergies because they are 100% silicone and hypoallergenic as well. Its list price is slightly greater than $90 (presently on sale for about $50) so it’s greater on the cost spectrum but certainly worth it! I’ll offer two big thumbs to this item and keep this toy as a staple in my toybox.