So I believed to myself as I was in the shower this morning…. what’s the point of pubic hair? I’ve been told distinct tales about what to do with my hair since I can remember. Some say they shave it all off, some say they’re leaving a landing strip, others say they’re going to look unbelieving at even trying to trim the hedges. I’m going to acknowledge that I was such a religious shaver when I first hit puberty. Before I took the weed wacker out and got the shit under control, I didn’t let that bush get more than grass height. But enough with the gardening references, let’s speak in all its glory about pubic hair and why it’s even there first. You might begin to imagine your ordinary routine for the second time.

Why are we going to shave?

There are very easy reasons for shaving, we believe it looks better. By we mean a majority of America where it has become commonly common to shave, wax, clip, lazer, vagasil, etc. Indeed, both males and females think that this is the cleaner solution to what our stupid bodies have chosen during evolution.

Is there even a purpose for the hair?


Some of the hair’s primary and most popular uses include: maintaining controlled body temperature. When your sexual bits are cold, the hair retains heat, and when it’s hot, the follicle-secreted oil evaporates and cools the area.
Protect from friction. Rubbing skin to skin is no fun for anyone. The hair acts as a buffer to avoid skin-related redness and irritations. Imagine your bush as a love wedge with a fluffy cloud.
It has pheromones in it! As you may understand, pheromones are what attractions one individual to another is when you sweat you release more of these chemicals and they are kept in the pubic area.

What is the situation of the worst situation?

Well since you asked; you’re going to irritate the region just like shaving any portion of the body. Considering that area’s sensitivity, it is not suggested for most creams to soothe it, nor is it really efficient. This irritation is open wounds and inflamed follicles that are truly microscopic. The discomfort (even if it’s not bothering) remains to get worse in terms of danger when you shave constantly. Because of this irritation, it is not uncommon to create boils or cysts, even infections such as MRSA. It also brings you at higher danger for stuff such as warts and lice. Again, the hair functions as a buffer, preventing the virus from getting on your skin theoretically.

There are methods of preventing infection?

Yes, no, yes. I won’t tell you if you do one thing or another, it can never occur, but like anything else, it can be “preventable.” Using clean, sharp razors as well as not leaving your razor in a moist location can assist. It is also suggested to use a particular razor for that region alone. In essence, it would be best to switch to a high quality disposable for the sole purpose of shaving that area.

You’re telling me not to shave?

Of course not, it’s not my business what you and your razor do in your own bathroom’s sanctity. HOWEVER! I’m here to answer an ups and downs query. Personally, I think twice as often about shaving. I mean it took me long enough to be comfortable with my gyno strolling down there, let alone explaining to ER techs why my labia is melon-sized and oozing. (Pretty image I understand) Anyway, regardless of your reasoning, the only 100% safest way not to get a illness is to use contraceptives, and the 100% safest way to understand the reality behind the shaving vs no shaving discussion is to consult your physician.