First, the review

Okay, so I’m going to give you the review first, then I’m going to go into some information.

The Feel:

This item is very smooth to the touch, and it also suggests warming the item in a hot water jar to offer a more “life-like” feeling.

The Look:

Utimi Sexy Girl Male Masturbator
Utimi Sexy Girl Male Masturbator

The side picture may offer you an idea of the product’s length, width, and detail. There are little bumps and pockets inside to stimulate it. It’s not very heavy at first, and it looks tiny, but it stretches. The insertion hole is also very tiny, but no issue with adequate lubrication.

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The Experience:

Okay, so I attempted this solo with my male reviewer, and then we tried it together. It worked very well first of all. The texture inside added a pleasant stimulating experience. It’s more like having oral sex than having vaginal or anal sex. At the end of the item there are no holes so you get a pleasant suction impact due to the vacuum seal produced by shifting the toy. I’d suggest it to someone who either tries to boost stamina, or just as a toy that’s “every so often.”

For two main reasons, I WANT NOT to suggest this as a frequent everyday toy.

First of all, there seemed to be a thinness on the right side, as you reached the back of the toy you could see his penis almost poking out and even though it didn’t break out then, I could see it happening if I used to.

Second reason, before writing this review, this toy was used about 5 times and the opening began to divide slightly. Nothing big but I don’t expect it to loosen or fray after 5 uses.

What’s up to me….

Apart from the above problems, I have some worries about the real material from which it is produced. Because of the lower cost I bought this toy online at amazon on a whim. It had gotten some great reviews and I thought it couldn’t hurt.

I discovered that this product is produced in china after further studies and there is some confusion about the material used. On amazon, the silicone list appears to be off, even in flesh color, for the small cost. On the website that I discovered only by looking at the product’s box (there was a sticker on it) they list silica gel, which again makes no sense because it is not frequently used in toys.

Overall, if you buy this product, I would be worried, and that’s why I won’t even post a connection for it. If you want to buy it, you can ask for it, or put the name of the item on amazon.