You always remember the first of yours. Whether it’s the first time you’ve been riding a bicycle, or your first day at college, your memory is always alive. As I embark on an unknown territory, with this being my first post, I believe the only way to kick off stuff is to define my first time.

We chose to lose our virginity at the same time, awkward and nervous. I was a freshman, a senior, and by chance the whole thing occurred. The adults were away, and I had the house for myself basically. A friend I met the summer before high school spent a lot of time in my house over the course of that week. He even slept in my closet on my floor so that my sister wouldn’t find out that he was finished. We fooled around and hooked up, but never took the chance to go the extra mile for some reason. One of the last nights he proposed we walk back to his house as my sister would be back soon that evening. I was nervous, understandably, because I risked being caught several times previously that week, what if that was the moment my luck would have run out? I agreed, however, and followed him down the street. It was the beginning of fall so understandably, we were both chilly and looking to warm up by the moment we finished the mile walk down the highway. He told me to be his first at that time. So many ideas were racing through my head, what if the condom breaks? He’s got a condom? What if I haven’t been nice? How can I even know what is “good?” I took a deep breath even with all these ideas and agreed.

He set me down in a field behind his house and started caressing my thigh. When I kissed me softly on my neck, I started to get an urge that I had never done before. I began to unzip his trousers and softly stroke him, feeling as the exchange continued to get more enthusiastic. He created contact with my eyes and asked me if I was prepared. I nodded and inserted himself inside me as he placed on the condom. It was both painful and enjoyable. With every thrust, I could feel him pulsating inside me. Our breathing is getting shorter and exaggerated. I started to beg him to go faster and harder. I couldn’t think what I missed, I wanted this experience to last forever even at a young age….

Well, as all uncomfortable first-time tales go…. the condom divided on a grass blade, and we were both left on the brink and embarrassed at how stupid the end outcome sounded. However, I have to give it to him, even with the possibility of pregnancy due to the condom break being minimal (considering that we both had not finished), he quickly stated that if something happened, he would step up. Proving some people actually matures earlier than age 35:) Sorry if that tale left you wanting, but with everything I’m publishing here, I’m going to be 100% true and frank. Let me know the first time you have, the awkward information and everything! Be sure to share this site with your friends and don’t worry about contacting me on social media or through our contact page!